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Bill Bulfer is a retired airline pilot with several years experience in the Boeing 737 (classics and NG) and a few years on the DC-10, 727, and 757. He started his commercial aviation career with 14 years in the Alaska bush.

His FMC Guides have become a familiar companion to airline pilots worldwide, helping pilots understand and use this complex technology.

Bill  also produces the B-737 Cockpit Companion series.

More information on the print editions of the FMC Guides and Cockpit Companions can be found on his website

Robert Dorsett has extensive experience in the computer industry. 

He started out as a contract programmer, developing a Mac port of MCC’s gIBIS, then moved on to port TRACON and TRACON II from Windows to the Mac.  He then took a short vacation at Apple, spending 13 years there and ending up as the senior manager of worldwide training for AppleCare. 

In 2006, he left Apple, returning to software development.  He developed the  Aircraft Accidents on DVD compendium (available completely free of charge on the web), and started to work on iOS applications, starting with SpaceApp.  He’s also been working on a flight simulator since the late 80s.  It will be released Real Soon Now.  2014 maybe.

Robert grew up in aviation: his father was an airline pilot and flew as an ex-pat overseas.  As a result, Robert has a huge amount of jumpseat time in the 707, 727, 747 and L-1011. He also holds a private pilot's license.

You may see references to fss.aero every so often: that’s the site we originally hosted the marketing information for the B737 series of apps on.

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