B737 QRG

Current Version: 1.55


  Please note that this product is for informational purposes only. In all cases, your airline's regulator-approved Airplane Flight Manual is the final word as to the correct operation of your airplane.  

The B737 Quick Reference Guide is a reference to over 150 emergency and abnormal flight procedures for the Boeing 737-600, -700, -800, and -900.  The complete functionality of B737 QRG is incorporated in our flagship product, B737 Cockpit Companion.

The QRG is not intended for active pilots. It is best used by aeroscience students and consumer flight-simmers for systems study and simulator sessions.

The QRG is fully indexed and cross-referenced, with a Memory Actions section, 14 systems sections, and an index. As a helpful aid, if the procedure includes a system alert, that alert is shown besides the checklist title.

When a user selects a QRG entry, idealized checklist procedures are provided to address the issue. Moreover, airmanship tips are provided so as to help ensure safe flight.

Throughout, "Fly the Airplane" is emphasized -- aviate, navigate, communicate.

B737 Alerts is based on a quick-reference guide developed by Bill Bulfer, a recently-retired airline captain with extensive time on the 737. It includes many enhancements, and was developed in conjunction with Bulfer.

The QRG is easy to read and understand, and helps unravel the often convoluted flow present in many QRHs.

This product is not certified for flight operations -- the regulator-approved Airplane Flight Manual is the final authority as to the safe operation of your airplane-- but is a great training aid and will help pilots better understand QRH flow and enhance their understanding of systems.

Note that the functionality of this app is included in B737 Cockpit Companion.  B737 QRG was released in 2011, and we are committed to maintaining it for existing customers.  It is designed for both iPhones and iPads (CCIPAD is only available for iPads) and customer feedback suggests it has value as a stand-alone too.

B737 QRG is supported on the iPad and iPhone.

The program is table-driven, with color bars helping to differentiate among 14 systems.

Bracketing the systems are Memory Items (shortcuts to Immediate Action) procedures and a comprehensive index.
Touching Memory Actions brings us to nine of the most critical checklists. This alleviates having to fumble around, looking for the correct checklist by system.
A second touch brings us to the QRG procedure. This is clearly laid out, linear, with a minimum of looping or branching.

Systems contents are color-coded and include the annunciator/alert most commonly associated with the procedure.

The color-coding is carried through to the procedure itself.

The index provides an alphabetical listing of all procedures–over 150 in all.