Quizzer In-App Subscription


  Note that this product is for informational purposes only. In all cases, your airline's regulator-approved Airplane Flight Manual is the final word as to the correct operation of your airplane.  

Quizzer is an enhancement to the B737 Cockpit Companion, helping turn the app into an interactive learning tool. We worked on this for pretty much all of 2018, and are excited about its potential to enhance the use of the B737 Cockpit Companion.

Quizzer is available as an annual subscription.

Quizzer lessons are organized to match the chapters in a normal FCOM. Extra sections are added as appropriate, such as Differences in the NG/MAX QRG and MAX MCAS.
Quizzer is all-new content. It is NOT based on any pre-existing question banks.
There are over 500 questions as of release.
Quizzer uses multimedia. Pictures, sounds, and movies are all supported and used when appropriate.
Quizzer is integrated with the Cockpit Companion. Where appropriate, links can take you back to system descriptions or control heads.
The feature can provide guided feedback for when the user gets the question wrong OR right.
There are three skill levels, ranging from Normal to "Astronaut."
You can retake missed questions.
When new Cockpit Companion updates are released, we will include a quiz to cover the content changes. Instead of "receive and file away", this helps make sure you don't miss anything important.



How it Works
Start by selecting your quiz, skill level, and whether you want to display the questions in order, or randomly.

Displaying questions in order can be useful for instructors managing an interactive classroom experience.

We want feedback! So if you see an issue with a question, or want to contact the author, you can do so directly from Quizzer.

When you touch a question, we can either just confirm it was correct or not, or display amplified feedback. We believe in reinforcing positive feedback, as above.

When done, each system is summarized independently, along with a combined score.
Getting Quizzer
To get Quizzer, go to Info & Settings within the app, then choose Subscriptions.

You can restore purchases or continue through to purchase the subscription. Subscriptions are handled through the Apple App Store.

Trying Quizzer
To try Quizzer, just touch the Quizzer button.

Airplane General is free for you to try out.

Also, note that we include brief quizzes covering the latest app editorial updates, free of charge!