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Known Issues:

Crashing after startup: B737 Alerts and B737 QRG

Starting in July, we’ve had reports of crashes after database updates, and, recently, after iOS updates.  But inconsistently: it does not affect all users (perhaps 1%).  We believe this is due to the database update module, which is also used to set up the program after it’s installed.  We are working on fixing this, and expect to submit revisions to Apple in mid-November.  These new versions will be based on a much better update module we’ve developed to handle the very media-rich content in Cockpit Companion for iPad.

To get up and running, simply follow one of the “delete and install” methods described below.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.  Due to the sporadic nature of the failure, it has been difficult to isolate.


In general

Our apps go through an extensive “beta-test” process before being released.  However, due to the complexity of software and the diversity of ways people actually use applications, there is always the possibility that subtle program errors may show up.  Content errors are easy to fix: just contact us to let us know what your concern is, and we can quickly research and fix the problem.

Otherwise, if you’re having trouble using the app:

The iOS is very straightforward, so there isn’t much “operating system troubleshooting” to be done when an app doesn’t work right.

For most operational issues, like failure to install, failure to launch, or crashing, reinstalling the app with a fresh copy is usually the best bet.  Apple allows one to re-install an app from the App store, so getting a fresh copy is easy.

Note that these instructions are only for our apps.  Our apps do not create user documents, apart from preference settings.  So there’s little risk in re-installing: you just need to reconfigure your preferences.  However, third-party applications may have documents you create, so deleting the app has definite risks.  You should check with those developers if you have problems with their apps.

If you ever have to re-install an app, we’d like to hear about it.  It can help us improve the user experience, either by improving our own software or by providing feedback to Apple to improve iOS.

To re-install an app, there are two different methods.

Method 1: Reinstall from the host computer

Method 2: Reinstall from the App Store